When it says there's a Gyarados nearby

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  • When your trying to find a water pokemon
  • These guys are a bit out of their depth
  • Magikarp farming is getting out of hand
  • When it says there's a Gyarados nearby
  • Standing on the seat won't Save you
  • Just trying to find that Squirtle

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  • Dariana Watsica Reply

    I just saw a gyarados appear out of nowhere on the nearby. Grabbed my bike and the moment i leave my backyard it dissapeared. The weird part is, i was swiping the stop in my frontyard, saw i had only a weedle nearby. Evolved 2 pokemon and then poof gyarados is nearby. Then after a max of 2minutes. It left the earth.

  • Jaylon Schneider Reply

    Dragon pulse Gyarados is also great if you have a nearby water spawn.

  • Lourdes Huels Reply

    This weekend I got my Victreebell and one of my Gyarados back. They've both been holding a spot in 2 nearby gyms since August. Gave them candy until they maxed, then went in put them back in the same gyms.

  • Kathlyn Kozey Reply

    There was a dragonite nearby today but couldn't find it... no tracker. 2 weeks ago there was a gyrados... no tracker. Feels bad man.

  • Donavon White Reply

    In my defense, the nearby city has a river flowing through the city, which is huge, the entire thing is a huge Water Spawn Point, you could get a Gyarados in a day, if you had the time, sadly i don't have such thing and it took me since i started playing til yesterday to get them.

  • Cristian Breitenberg Reply

    I'm like 2 magikarp away from my second gyarados, so I've been keeping an eye open. So far none, but I've had a full nearby page all night l

  • Wilbert Mosciski Reply

    That's bullshit. Nearby ins not at all like being told "route 32 is a good place to find gyrados". You're dodging the question. QWuit being a troll.

  • Brannon Abernathy Reply

    There was a dratini on the nearby list but we didn't find it. Useful if you need gyarados but otherwise I'd stick to the doduo end (if you need doduo) or a nest you need (kabuto seems to be at the war memorial).

  • Joannie McDermott Reply

    A player who doesn't have a single Stop or Gym nearby has 2 more Gyarados than me, a player in a college town FeelsBadMan

  • Doug Stoltenberg Reply

    So just a week ago I finally evolved my magikarp after 3 months of grinding. I went to the dentist today and afterwards I drove home and saw a Gyarados on my nearby, actually found it really fast. Got it in one throw. This game still makes me happy :)

  • Cesar Haley Reply

    I caught a Gyrados at the 4-pokestop lure party in Coronado. Before the Sightings update, I had a Lapras on Nearby, also when I was in Coronado.

  • Noemi Kerluke Reply

    I live on a river that empties into the ocean a very short walk away, and I can not seem to find a single water Pokemon nearby. I was especially hoping for a nest of magikarp since I wanted a gyarados but nada so far. Ironically, a good bit further inland there was a Seadra somewhere... Stupid 3 step bug.

  • Octavia Senger Reply

    Definitely an underrated spot. The nearby list might look disappointing when you first get there, but rare stuff always spawns here out of nowhere. Caught a gyarados here yesterday (I've spent a lot of time in SF and have yet to see one there). I've also caught Kabutops and rhydon.

  • Stella Runolfsson Reply

    I'm at 141 and I just need gyarados. Too lazy to go to a nearby magikarp nest. I used a mapping app to find what I needed. Mostly grimers and water/grass pokemon that don't exist near me. Was at 138 for almost 2 weeks just slowly grabbing 1-2 grass/water/grimer as they spawned nearby.

  • Lambert Rippin Reply

    Omg have you heard? There's sighting of a red gyrados nearby!

  • Houston Mann Reply

    I was in a dark park at 10pm taking down a gym when on the last fight a Gyarados appears fighting alongside me. It actually creeped me out a bit! Nobody else that I could see nearby, but I got in the gym first so no biggie. Spoofers are the poltergeist of the Pokemon world...

  • Harvey Prosacco Reply

    For some reason I couldn't catch the Gyarados... it showed up on my nearby but it didn't spawn. But then in my Journal it came up as Gyrados ran away? I was so confused. Has anyone else had something like that happen?

  • Florida Schoen Reply

    To Niantic's credit, I used nearby to find a wild gyarados in seattle today. However it was on the water front so I knew it was either straight or backwards. haha

  • Remington Kling Reply

    You on lunch at 1030am ?!!??? Unfortunately I didn't have time to go for the other 2... I met a person there that told me there was a Gyarados nearby as well.

  • Celine Kuhic Reply

    This isn't worthy of a laugh, only anger. Two days ago I was trying to capture a gym and the same player kept sniping it every time, alternating his Vaporeon / Gyarados. If he'd been on the street there may have been some choice words but I suspect the coward lives in one of the buildings nearby.

  • Antwan Stokes Reply

    no Gym nearby where I live lasts 2 weeks. Defeating higher level/CP Pokémon is too easy. I take out 3K CP Dragonites in Gyms with my 1900 CP Gyarados. That's really the buster. Stats don't matter at all, the game is heavily weighted in the attacker's favour IMO.

  • Noah Greenfelder Reply

    Dragonite. I already have Lapras and Snorlax, and now with the Buddy System & a Magikarp nest migrating to a nest nearby, I'll have a Gyarados in no time.

  • Alessandra Gerhold Reply

    Definitely not Gyarados or Dragonite. I've seen Snorlax 'nearby' at least so I'd have to go with Lapras.

  • Dorothy Mann Reply

    Level 24 here, never seen dragonite, lapras or snorlax even on my tracker. Saw 2 gyarados on my tracker, but couldn't or didn't find it. Lucky that I live near a river, so plenty of magikarps. I always feel so jealous of all the snorlax, lapras and dragonites in nearby gyms...

  • Nels Glover Reply

    I've caught 4 on treasure island, and have missed 3 of them. And I've had him appear on my nearby at least 20-30x. The circle K is like a spawn area for rares. Rotates between pinser, scyther, and Snorlax. Sometimes even Gyarados. Seen ppl catch him a lot with a incense on there.

  • Andreanne Kovacek Reply

    saw a gyarados on Nearby around 730pm last night birchmount huntingwood. Tried looking but couldn't find..sad times

  • Paxton Kertzmann Reply


  • Keshaun Gibson Reply

    It lures the same type of Pokemon usually on the nearby list. It doesn't bring random dragonites and gyrados out of thin air.

  • Lazaro Bode Reply

    Check to see if there are a bunch of Gyarados in a lake nearby

  • Kenny Johns Reply

    Do you ever see any of them on nearby? I would poop if I saw a Charizard Dragonite or Aerodactyl nearby! The Gary I caught was surprisingly small when it spawned in for me. A Rhyhorn a Tauros for example are so big... Gyarados though.... Meh

  • Jordan Rippin Reply

    It's super easy to get magikarp candies if you just have a lake nearby. I only go once a day around the lake near me and I've already evolved 4 gyarados

  • Jeramy Hansen Reply

    Am I the only one around here who still uses the nearby system to find Pokemon? Found a gyarados next to my house about an hour ago, I knew generally where it should spawn and I went to both most likely places, it was in the second one. Never ran so fast in my life

  • Dora Weissnat Reply

    I live landlocked in the Midwest and I am well over halfway to my gyarados. Sounds like pretty bad luck to me. Heck, there's a tiny man-made pond by a corporate office building's sign nearby that usually has 2 magikarp whenever I've gone by it.

  • Ivah Gibson Reply

    Happened to me too( I ran around like crazy when I saw Gyarados on the Nearby screen. Finally found it, out of breath, but happy. A berry, an ultra ball, all for it to run away on the first throw. I was so down ( I live in a downtown on a small country, so it's very hard to catch something rare

  • Providenci Swift Reply

    Songhees walk way, hands down, way better than Sidney or Dallas Road. I have 6 evolved Gyarados from living nearby at it being my 'local' spot. Also Lime Bay Park on the walk-way is a common Onyx spawn for anyone thinking about second gen candies.

  • Sim Koelpin Reply

    There was also a Gyarados on the nearby near the Fremont bridge.

  • Rosendo Cassin Reply

    Sitting in my house probably an ivysaur. But have caught multiple dratinis, 2 Dragonairs, scyther, gyarados and a snorlax 1 minute away from seeing them on my house nearby :)

  • Eudora Baumbach Reply

    Well now you work there and you know there is a Gyrados spawn nearby. It's only a matter of time.

  • Lelah Gusikowski Reply

    This was me when I was pretty new to the game and woke up around 5:30am and saw a Gyarados silhouette on the "nearby" pane. Got him. (As I got out of bed, putting my clothes on I was thinking "oh man am I really doing this?")

  • Carissa Barrows Reply

    It's a random 6 in range, could be 6 right next to you or 200m away further down the map. Also from what I've seen rares hardly ever show up on stops, and are more random encounters from nearby (like gyarados)

  • Genoveva Braun Reply

    My nearby zoo did this a few weeks ago. A *shit* ton of stops, but the only Pokemon worth catching was magikarp...a shit ton of them. Needless to say I now have a 2k Gyarados :)

  • Rogers Schoen Reply

    I just hunted down a gyrados last night with no luck... Probably wasn't even nearby

  • Kadin Kris Reply

    Simple way out of this whole situation "what are you filming?" "Sorry officer, but there's a fucking GYARADOS nearby!"

  • Bridie Daugherty Reply

    I've caught two Gyarados at the lake nearby that spawns magikarp/psyduck/slowpoke/dratini primarily, I'm surprised so many people are just finding out about this. I've evolved 3 Gyarados too lol

  • Eric Waelchi Reply

    Gyrados 3 steps away. Must be another one nearby. Keep looking.

  • Alysson Dickens Reply

    That's great! Congrats on the Gyarados! The CP on your husbands must have stung a little haha. Did you know your sister-in-law was nearby or was that just a coincidence? Either way, very funny. I'm sure come a few weeks in we will all have stories like this too :)

  • Edythe Fritsch Reply

    It's not about balance, it's part of the old games. Evolving Margikarp has always been a pain in the ass and they went with it. I think it's good like that. Even if I will never get a Gyarados because I have no water nearby.

  • Donavon O'Kon Reply

    When I went to Juilliard Park, there were several Rhyhorns spawning around a lure on the East side of the park, perhaps that is what led to someone believing it was a nest. Also, I caught a Gyarados at the nearby Atlas Coffee Shop's PokeStop.

  • Catharine Hoeger Reply

    I went to check this out and while driving with my 2 kids, they saw on their phones a Gyarados AND a Snorlax nearby! Unfortunately neither actually ever appeared but it definitely got the adrenalin going!

  • Shad Nitzsche Reply

    Had to log in and check for myself, buy the park behind me and trails disappeared too. On the plus side the road nearby that doesn't exist anymore is now gone, and that phantom road cost me the chance at a Gyarados.

  • Wava Rolfson Reply

    I was at Huntington Beach Pier and everyone was looking for this elusive Gyarados that was nearby but it turned out it was at an Oil Rig we could see from the pier.

  • Sunny Ratke Reply

    Here I am, central North Carolina, catching nothing but rattatas and pidgeys. Though I did see a gyarados nearby... it never went under three footprints. Life is pain.

  • Brennan Gulgowski Reply

    what the hell is this? a gyrados and mankey nearby

  • Kiera Hodkiewicz Reply

    All day yesterday I just totally disregared the tracker/nearby list and just hit up lure modules and magikarp spawns. Got my gyarados and my third snorlax yesterday.

  • Kennith Fahey Reply

    I could have Alyson Hanigan, Jennifer Lawrence, and Natalie Dormer offering me a four-way and if there was a Gyarados spawn nearby I'd be rushing there instead.

  • Iva Halvorson Reply

    Had a gyarados appear the at her day while on vacation. It kept moving up and down on the list, but nothing. Finally, it disappeared from the nearby list, only to appear on my screen. I couldn't catch it.

  • Ferne Bernier Reply

    I was really missing this app today. Went for a drive and there was a Gyarados in the nearby list. Couldn't find it for the life of me. Hopefully this things come back soon.

  • Annabell Deckow Reply

    Yup, but gyarados doesn't spawn as often as you would think. It only spawned once here, but sometimes saw shadows of it on the nearby list.

  • Danielle Willms Reply

    I gyarados nearby when I was on duty lifeguard bruh someone died cuz of me oops

  • Jody Bahringer Reply

    So thanks to no tracking system, I could not find a wild Venusaur, Gyarados and Magmar, that all had appeared at different times on the nearby thing today.....

  • Clint Pfannerstill Reply

    Probably just a Gyrados nearby.

  • Kian Maggio Reply

    We got a magikarp nest nearby, everyone around here have Gyarados and dragonites in gyms. Kinda sucks to not see variety.

  • Lilly Satterfield Reply

    "oh there's a gyarados nearby" HOLY SHIT

  • Eduardo Hyatt Reply

    Bayou St. John. Walked from the end at Bayou Beer Garden to City Park and back, and caught like 6 in one walk. Live nearby, so I should have a gyarados in short order.

  • Chaz Ziemann Reply

    It's staying in my favorites and I'll be keeping it. I was just so excited to see a Gyarados show up nearby only to find out it had less CP than two Magikarp I have.

  • Katheryn Stamm Reply

    So Will I! There's a gym nearby my house with a 2k Vaporeon and a 1k Gyarados defending, and that was an hour upon official release.

  • Heath Leffler Reply

    I work nearby and this is how I have a gyrados now

  • Jermaine Rice Reply

    thank you!, no active hatchers D: And just trying to hunt down this nearby gyarados

  • Carolanne Corkery Reply

    A Gyarados appeared in the nearby list but I ran out of battery and couldn't find it ;(

  • Harmony Dare Reply

    You can find region exclusives, they are just rarer than seeing dragonite and gyarados on your nearby list

  • Lucienne Schumm Reply

    just go out there and look me and my bro saw a gyarados on the nearby, we looked around and split and we found it! Proud owner of a Gyaradosssss:D

  • Elroy Keebler Reply

    I live in a small city and I caught a Gyarados the other day. Saw a Snorlax on my nearby list but never saw him.

  • Beulah Reichert Reply

    God forbid a Gyrados pops up on your screen in Nearby. Spend eternity finding it. 3 Step bug is game breakingly shitty.

  • Isobel Shields Reply

    Yeah drove by and saw Ninetails, Scyther, Gyrados, and Blastoise all nearby.

  • Clementine Beer Reply

    I would've cried. I've yet to even see a Gyrados on my nearby list.

  • Tyrell Kihn Reply

    If it was possible I would gladly accept it, the only good news is theres enough magikarp nearby so Im hoping to get a strong gyarados

  • Terence Hane Reply

    Lost a snorlax and gyarados because they were forever 3. Then random pokemon not even on the nearby list would spawn. Not fun.

  • Damaris Gerlach Reply

    Nothing shows up on nearby for my apartment all day, and this fucker catching gyarados from his couch. Niantic pls

  • Emmanuelle Cummings Reply

    Well my manager found a Gyarados at a lake nearby....I have been spending a lot of time at that lake.

  • Manuel Schowalter Reply

    Maybe it's trying to tell you there's a gyarados somewhere nearby.

  • Hassan Dare Reply

    There was a Gyarados nearby