MRW I catch a CP 10 Pokemon just to transfer it for candy

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  • Allen Upton Reply

    The bot detected "ZUBAT" with 165 CP but it not transfer it.

  • Jamir Cummerata Reply

    My 10 CP pokemon. It is ruined. I mostly had 50%+ IV ones. RUINED.

  • Carole Zemlak Reply

    10 cp Pokémon do not have a 100% catch rate

  • Garry Bogan Reply

    Level 24 and never have issues catching a CP10 Pokemon.

  • Janice Ortiz Reply

    Gotta catch that CP10 Zubat with 10 balls!

  • Mona Ankunding Reply

    Does every character have the same cp? Like does every pidgy have the same max or do some of them vary? Assuming I am at x level, could I level all the pidgys to the same max or do different ones level different ly

  • Theo Greenfelder Reply

    I want to add a question related to yours, maybe just rewording. Lets say I catch a pidgy at level 2 and I catch another at level 50. Will they have the same max CP and it will just be closer to its max at lvl 50?

  • Maxime D'Amore Reply

    I think it should be equal to how much it costs to evolve that particular pokemon. (i.e you transfer a Pidgeotto you get 12 candies).

  • Hildegard O'Kon Reply

    I rather catch pidgeys. They made bug pokemon so weak.

  • Moses Vandervort Reply

    This. Enemy drops a cp 10 in to block you? Hit it once with that 1k training pokemon you're using against the 2k cp defender next in line.

  • Kailey Hilll Reply

    The CP difference between best and worst IVs is 10%. So if you plan on maxing out a pokemon, it matters.

  • Douglas Cassin Reply

    Instead of having the amount go down, have the Pokemon acquire a single candy every day. This way if you catch a cp10 Charmander and 40 days later catch a cp450 Charmander, you're not stuck evolving the cp10.

  • Meaghan Von Reply

    I place a CP25 Magikarp in a gym. I then train against it with a CP10 Diglett. 10-12 secs per fight. 100xp. PSA: When training your pokemon do NOT have to be a full health. I can go 3 or 4 rounds before needing to heal

  • Ada Considine Reply

    They need to rework the CP formula. Defensive pokemon deserve a shot.

  • Ruthe Rice Reply

    > The best pokemon I've caught here was an 1800 CP Flareon. oh you poor soul

  • Emmanuel Rutherford Reply

    at lvl 26 I only maxed out 1 nice cp pokemon, saving up all my dust for the best pokemon's I find till lvl 30. :)

  • Cecilia Lesch Reply

    Your max CP is based on your trainer level. Every Pidgy has the same potential, regardless of when you caught it. Evolving it just raises the CP cap and gives you additional CP.

  • Fern Reilly Reply

    Pokemon-Go gym full of cp 10 magikarps

  • Lesley Kub Reply

    Persian has some good moves, and they all have reasonable CP ratings. Bear in mind that the highest CP !== the best Pokemon.

  • Gregorio Breitenberg Reply

    Would be even more accurate if all the gyms were level 10, packed with CP 2000+ Pokemon. In all seriousness though great video.

  • Lysanne Ledner Reply

    Yeah, that happened to me a few times on level 10 gyms when my Pokemon was the lowest CP ("lowest" being 2k at a minimum)

  • Zoie Nitzsche Reply

    Obligatory "cp10 Pokemon don't run away" comment.

  • Kylee Funk Reply

    We've never had xp for transfering Pokemon, only 1 candy

  • Alexandrea Gerhold Reply

    Can it be any CP 10 Pokemon?

  • Karley Lind Reply

    But what if it was a cp10 Pokémon but 100IV :o

  • Clyde Balistreri Reply

    I don't really mind them when i'm meeting pokmon i've already caught. They're way easier to catch than a +90 CP pokemon, and it's the same Stardust & XP regardless of the pokemon you meet. And besides, you can just transfer it for more candy to upgrade. I'd much rather meet 20 10-20 CP pokemon i've already met, than 10 100+ CP pokemon i've met :P

  • Christiana Blanda Reply

    Thank you! >the max CP is the same either way and you will know if they have good moves first It means i will not get the same skills for every pokemon (from the same type)? Going back to pigey with 100CP, and pigeotto with 100CP, i have almost the same situation but 1st one is 83 CP and power up cost is 600d + 1c, and the 2nd one have 112CP and power up cost only 400d + 1c. Isnt it better to pay less for powering up pigeotto with higher CP for less, that power uping pigey with lower cp and paying the cost of 12c for evolving?

  • Laisha Wolf Reply

    But no pokémon with 10 CP can escape a pokéball :(

  • Jalyn Mayer Reply

    Question: I have a basic understanding of the current max/min outline. Once a pokemon is maxed for a trainer the only variables are the IVs? So a Pigey I caught at trainer level 2 with all level 15 IVs if kept would be better after maxing than a Pigey I caught at trainer level 25 with level 3 IVs? Currently I've been transferring all low level/cp pokemon to the professor. Instead I should be determining IVs in order to determine which pokemon to keep?

  • Loraine Osinski Reply

    +1 just for the movie.

  • Reagan Murazik Reply

    a pokemon will remain at the same % you have them at once you evolve them. so if you have a pidgy at 95% of max current cp, it will evolve to be at 95% of max current cp for pidgeotto

  • Winfield Greenfelder Reply

    it took 2 min 23 sec to transfer a 16.9 gb game so not that long

  • Eleanora Powlowski Reply

    Save your stardust. You got a pokemon you want to evolve, but as you level you capture better pokemon. I maxed out a pigey really early and ended up with a max pigeotto that was replaced with higher CP captures after I leveled up. TLDR save your candy and stardust for big bursts of evolution when you have a lucky egg, and save your star dust until later on. If you're like me, you're spending money on bag space not items so I can collect more free items.

  • Hertha Feil Reply

    Got a cp10 zubat #LETS. FUCKIN. GO. M8.

  • Sydnie Heller Reply

    500 pts with another cp10 pokemon.

  • Hadley Schultz Reply

    Save it to improve your options with a free transfer.

  • Tobin Pollich Reply

    Man, Pokemon go finally gets released in Canada but there's no pokestops for 5kms. Not to mention I biked to a park in hopes of catching Pokemon and all I got was a CP10 Weedle smh

  • Adrian Hegmann Reply

    Ash from Pokemon because I'd be able to catch Pokemon.

  • Henri Bernhard Reply

    lost a CP10 pidgey.

  • Trever Douglas Reply

    I keep waiting... did you catch that pokemon!?!

  • Alford Hauck Reply

    I used my phone to catch Pokemon.

  • Araceli Stiedemann Reply

    Oh right, when transfer, the pokemon can't hold it item.

  • Sandra Morissette Reply

    Does the average CP of pokemon go up for each trainer level, or only every 5 or 10 levels?

  • Daisha Bailey Reply

    Okay! I just need to catch more pokemon haha

  • Serena Wisoky Reply

    time to go on a catching spree and praying for 10 cp pokemon

  • Brent Crona Reply

    The IV calculators do not work for cp 10 pokemon.

  • Jayson Schiller Reply

    So that means I have to catch 8 pokemon a day to finish a living dex by launch

  • Maryam Strosin Reply

    Use it as incentive to work your ass off so you can transfer in a year.

  • Giovanny Gleason Reply

    I'm trying to catch every pokemon with only 10 cp / lowest cp as possible, idk why...

  • Mia Mraz Reply

    Some of my best IV pokemon, are my highest CP as well as most rare...

  • Fatima Fahey Reply

    As I'm sitting here with 30 Pigey max CP is 58.....

  • Owen Kiehn Reply

    You should be able to bulk transfer for more than one candy per pokemon.

  • Ilene Auer Reply

    Hard Mode: Get CP10 of all the Pokémon.

  • Hermina Walker Reply

    I got a 400 cp snorlax from my 10 km egg. My best pokemon yet ;)

  • Royce Ward Reply

    If you transfer a pokemon, you will get one candy

  • Josephine Klocko Reply

    10 CP Pokemon have thousands of possible combinations

  • Walton Schroeder Reply

    Number of candies / candies to evolve = how many pokemon you keep. Add one. Transfer the others.

  • Nigel Kohler Reply

    You forgot to add the pokemon CP at 10, and then it runs away.

  • Kaylah Aufderhar Reply

    Anyone else notice you can't transfer pokemon anymore?

  • Abagail Bechtelar Reply

    used a ton of pokeball to catch one zubat 10 cp

  • Felipa Nikolaus Reply

    Gotta have that ultrarare 10 cp zubat!

  • Malvina Corkery Reply

    So the higher you get, the harder it is to catch CP10 pokemon?

  • Abner Lueilwitz Reply

    Transfer them. Shitty Pokemon

  • Rubye Walsh Reply

    Is that the first pokemon you catch? I caught a water turtle.

  • Alba Ankunding Reply

    Came here to say this. As your trainer levels up the potential max CP of all pokemon goes up.

  • Eula Schumm Reply

    I like to do this in the morning at 5-5:30AM when I get to my work gym. Take down a LVL6-7 gym then leave a CP10 Pokemon there just to give the team the ..!.,

  • Margarete Muller Reply

    Sorry, I just started yesterday, but is leveling up cp10 pokemon the best way to maximize the pokemon? I have no idea which ones to level up.

  • Margaret Sauer Reply

    1. No it doesn't matter 2. Don't train a CP10 pokemon, total waste of dust.

  • Idell Hahn Reply

    Will all same Pokemon max out their cp equally for my level? Say I'm level 16 will my cp10 pidgey max out at the same power as my cp200 pidgey?

  • Jessika Robel Reply

    Luckily those text fixes make it say "Pokemon broke free!" when the cp10 Rattata escapes me now.

  • Trevion Effertz Reply

    Meowth was the first Pokemon I caught. CP10.

  • Shayne Altenwerth Reply

    yea, but starting at cp10 is going to leave it pretty low long term. though it would likely be your primary pokemon for ~10-15 lvls

  • Stanford Nienow Reply

    But if you catch a Pokemon it has a set CP from when you caught it right? I.e. If I catch a CP10 Pidgy and gain 5 levels it's not gonna be CP15.

  • Julie Turcotte Reply

    I tried catching 35 pokemon, all ran away after one pokeball, All range from cp10 to cp700... I could of had a super rare -_-

  • Genevieve Anderson Reply

    This is happening to me too. Cant even catch CP10 pokemon, because they run away instantly. And no, I am not driving.

  • Sibyl Eichmann Reply

    Why dont my pokeballs work? I lost my last 13 pokemon in a row because they all escaped the ball and ran. Some were CP10

  • Jeffery Grimes Reply

    I'm lvl 9 and still finding CP10 pokemon, I am sure it's random, my friend is lower lvl and sometimes gets higher.

  • Eugene O'Keefe Reply

    AFAIK other people can't see your pokemon's nicknames. So they just see a CP10 sitting duck.

  • Lenna Heidenreich Reply

    Nope, the first pokemon is a cp10 Zubat, no way he's gotten ANY victories. lol

  • Ima Stanton Reply

    Their best Pokemon is a cp10 at level 5?